Commercial Moving

Is it time to expand that business and get a bigger office? Or maybe you’re opening a second location. Whatever the needs, Fargo Moving is experienced in commercial moving. We can move industrial business, brick and mortar, or simply that restaurant you’ve owned for 20 years!

If you’ve already picked your commercial moving company, here a few tips to help the process go smooth.

Take Inventory

I know, nobody likes this task. It’s a horrible no good fun job. But it will save quite a headache in the end. When you do this, list things by size and how awkward it is. Us movers need to know what kind of commercial items we need to prepare for. We need to know weight, measurements, and shape to get the right team and equipment.

Empty Things

If you have filing cabinets, shelves that hold item or anything that really isn’t a desk etc- take them out and clean it up!

Packer & Mover

Rent Moving Blankets and Harnesses

These items really help keep office furniture and desks nice. If you’ve got expensive cooking equipment etc, we will want to have the resources to keep it well cared for. Just ask about our blankets and if you think we will need more than normal give us a heads up- we’re happy to provide anything you need to make your move as simple and easy for you.

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Fargo Moving has been serving the Fargo/Moorhead area for over twenty years. In the past five years alone, Fargo’s economy has exploded and people from all over the country have relocated here. On top of that, the housing market has exploded and new neighborhoods have popped up seemingly overnight. ​


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