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Moving to Fargo? In the past five years, it seems everyone and their brother is moving to Fargo! We’re not sure if it’s the great economy, awesome schools, or the beautiful weather we’re famous for. Whatever the reason is for so many people to be moving to Fargo, we’re happy about it. Whether you’re the new kid in town, or simply moving from one street to a different street, Fargo Moving can help!

Last Minute Move?

Last Minute Move

We’ve got a lot of calls recently about the rest of the moving companies here in Fargo, and how scheduled out they are. Well rest assured- we will do everything we can to help you move when you need it. Whether you’re on the third floor of an apartment building, or moving out of the house you’ve lived in for decades, we’re the team to get it done and get it done fast (but don’t worry, we’ll take great care of those breakables). We’ve been moving for years and haven’t met a moving challenge we couldn’t do!

Forget a rental truck, we have our own!


That’s right, Fargo Moving has the truck for your needs. Whether it’s a two bedroom apartment of 5 thousands square foot home- we’ve got you covered. And because we own the trucks, this will save you hundreds on a rental! If our trucks are booked when you need them, don’t worry- we work closely with truck rentals in the area and are always able to work something out that helps your pocketbook!

We are a Premier Fargo Moving Company

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About Us

Fargo Moving has been serving the Fargo/Moorhead area for over twenty years. In the past five years alone, Fargo’s economy has exploded and people from all over the country have relocated here. On top of that, the housing market has exploded and new neighborhoods have popped up seemingly overnight. ​


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