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If you’re moving in the Fargo/Moorhead area, we’re the moving company for you! We’ve been working in Fargo for a long time, mostly by word of mouth. We love what we do, and offer the best and most competitive rates.

Residential Moving

Residential Moving

Moving to Fargo? In the past five years, it seems everyone and their brother is moving to Fargo! We’re not sure if it’s the great economy, awesome schools, or the beautiful weather we’re famous for. Whatever the reason is for so many people to be moving to Fargo, we’re happy about it. Whether you’re…

Commercial Moving

Commercial Moving

Is it time to expand that business and get a bigger office? Or maybe you’re opening a second location. Whatever the needs, Fargo Moving is experienced in commercial moving. We can move industrial business, brick and mortar, or simply that restaurant you’ve owned for 20 years!…

Heavy Item Moving

Heavy Item Move

Sometimes, we don’t have an entire household to move or relocate, but we do have those awkward and heavy items. These would be pianos, custom furniture, cabinetry, or really anything that you cannot move on your own. While we always suggest hiring professionals to do these daunting tasks- here are…

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Fargo Moving has been serving the Fargo/Moorhead area for over twenty years. In the past five years alone, Fargo’s economy has exploded and people from all over the country have relocated here. On top of that, the housing market has exploded and new neighborhoods have popped up seemingly overnight. ​


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